Monday, March 12, 2012

shake it off

Today was the day for sure.  People were out and about, I could feel happiness on the air as we all shook off the cobwebs of winter.  You have to love a good spring soul cleaning.  On my ride to school something really funny, and a bit embarrassing happened.
I was riding on this little road, the sun was streaming down, I was listening to music, and the wind was so refreshing against my skin.  I was enjoying myself so much, goofing, and playing on my bike.  I kept swerving to the beat of the music, I was letting my arms stretch up, and spreading my fingers wide to feel the breeze.  I was really having a great time and then I happened to look behind me and there was a car having to go really slow because I was taking up the whole road.  I had no idea, and I have no idea how long they were behind me, but they were laughing like crazy.  I just waved and looked sheepish.

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